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You’ll Never Eat The Same Again After Reading The Plant Paradox

By marlodenege
Hold onto your seats: We’re bound to shake up everything you thought you knew about vegetables. You may be intrigued, or you might get upset, but let’s let Dr.… More | Posted: July 12, 2017

Dr. Gundry’s Amazing (Lectin-Light) Basil Pesto

By Tatum Marshall
Dr. Gundry’s Amazing (Lectin-Light) Basil Pesto Recipe I’m what some might call a pesto aficionado – you know, a basil buff.… More | Posted: June 8, 2017

Is Going Lectin-Free The Next Big Thing In Wellness?

By Tatum Marshall
What in the world is a lectin and why should we care? We’re talking to Dr. Steven Gundry, author of The Plant Paradox, about the new diet that just might change the way we all eat… Q: Before meeting you and reading your book, the topic of  “lectins” simply wasn’t a priority.… More | Posted: May 3, 2017

8 Diet Rules Cardiologists Always Follow

By marlodenege
When you choose your food, do you always have your heart in mind? Admittedly, we often do a quick label audit and scan for calories, fat, and sugar with our waistlines at the forefront of our consciousness.… More | Posted: April 13, 2017