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4 Things Kimberly Snyder Says You Should Do Every Single Morning

By marlodenege
We like to think we’re pretty healthy people. We buy organic, avoid added sugar and occasionally indulge in pizza because life is all about balance.… More | Posted: July 18, 2017

Anti-Inflammatory Acai Smoothie With Turmeric (Vegan)

By Tatum Marshall
Originally posted September 9, 2016, Root + Revel By: Kate Kordsmeier This anti-inflammatory acai smoothie with turmeric is a delicious vegan smoothie bursting with antioxidants, fiber + omegas.… More | Posted: September 13, 2016

21 Items You Didn’t Buy for Your Dorm Room That You Need Now

By Tatum Marshall
Originally posted August 22, 2016, Gurl. By: Jessica Booth Packing to go away to college is crazy stressful.… More | Posted: September 1, 2016

These Yoga, Exercise, and Meditation Apps Can Help You Shake That Stress

By Tatum Marshall
Originally posted August 31, 2016, Bloomberg By: Deena Shanker Americans, as many will admit, are perpetually overworked and invariably sedentary.… More | Posted: August 31, 2016

This Functional Medicine Clinic is Changing Healthcare in Los Angeles

By Tatum Marshall
Originally posted August 25, 2016, Organic Authority By: Emily Monaco Parsley Health has reimagined healthcare for the 21st century, turning the growing field of functional medicine into a well-oiled (and extremely pleasant) health machine.… More | Posted: August 29, 2016

4 Acai Smoothie Bowls That Will Transform You into a Superhero

By Tatum Marshall
Originally posted August 18, 2016, SheKnows By: Heather Barnett Image: Sambazon Release the power of this superfood through these tasty smoothie bowls, and go have an amazing day You’ve heard about acai berries — that superfood from Brazil we’re all supposed to be eating.… More | Posted: August 18, 2016

The Mushroom This World Traveler Swears by for Staying Well on the Road

By Tatum Marshall
Originally posted August 15, 2016, Well + Good By: Well + Good Editors Welcome to Good Travel, where the wellness world’s road warriors share their secret healthy travel hacks—and exactly how (and where!) they figured them out.… More | Posted: August 16, 2016

Tero Isokauppila: Medicinal Mushrooms, The Original Biohacker, & How to Nap on a Nail Mat

By Tatum Marshall
Originally posted July 29, 2016, Fat-Burning Man By: Abel James What’s the first thing you think of when you hear the word “mushrooms?” Was it mushroom pizza?… More | Posted: August 3, 2016

The Acai Smoothie Recipe for Glowing Skin and Healthy Hair

By Tatum Marshall
Originally posted July 26, 2016, Shape By: Kylie Gilbert Kimberly Snyder, a certified nutritionist, smoothie-company owner, and New York Times best-selling author of The Beauty Detox series knows a thing or two about smoothies and beauty.… More | Posted: July 27, 2016