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Women's Wrestling 75kg GOLD: Justina DISTASIO (CAN) v Adeline GRAY (USA)

Adeline Gray

Olympic Wrestler

Adeline Gray is a three-time World Champion, five-time World Championship medalist and has been undefeated in international competition for the past two years. She currently has a 37-match win streak and holds the #1 world ranking spot in 75kg/165lbs.

Gray was born in Denver, Colorado, and began wrestling at the age of 6 after her father, George, taught her basic moves on the mat. Gray honed her skills wrestling with the boys’ team at Bear Creek where she competed in the Colorado high school competition circuit. Gray didn’t let other people’s disapproval of going out for the boys’ team stop her from succeeding. Instead, she shifted her focus from them, onto Olympic dreams.

After winning a Junior World Title at the age of 17, Gray moved to an Olympic development program at Northern Michigan University. In 2009, Gray relocated to Colorado Springs where she started training at the Olympic Training Center. At the 2012 Olympic Trials, Gray fell one step short of making the team. Although she attended the 2012 Olympic Games in London as an alternate, Gray made a promise to herself that not only would she compete at the 2016 Olympics, but she would bring home the gold. Seven weeks later, Gray won her first World Championship gold medal. In 2014, Gray won her second World Championship title, and at the 2015 World Wrestling Championships, Gray defended her World Title.
Her third World Title made her the second-most winningest U.S. women’s wrestler. Adeline is also one of only two U.S. women to have won back-to-back World Titles. In May 2016, Gray graduated with a Bachelor of Science from DeVry University.

Career Highlights

• 2016, U.S Olympian
• 2016, U.S. Olympic Team Trials Champion
• 2016, Olympic Test Event Champion
• 2015, World Champion
• 2015, U.S. National Champion
• 2015, World Cup Champion
• 2015, Pan American Games Champion
• 2015, U.S. World Team Trials Champion
• 2015, U.S. Open Champion
• 2015, Cerro Pelado International Champion (Cuba)
• 2015, Professional Wrestling League Champion (India)
• 2014, World Champion
• 2014, World Cup Champion
• 2014, U.S. World Team Trials Champion
• 2014, Golden Grand Prix (Azerbaijan), 2nd place
• 2014, Klippan Lady Open (Sweden), 3rd place
• 2013, University World Champion
• 2013, SFU International Open Champion
• 2013, U.S. World Team Trials Champion
• 2013, Dave Schultz Memorial International, 2nd place
• 2013, New York AC International, 2nd place
• 2013, World Championships, 3rd place
• 2012, World Champion
• 2012, University World Champion
• 2012, U.S. World Team Wrestle-Off Champion
• 2012, Canada Cup, 2nd place
• 2012, Henri Deglane Challenge Champion (France)
• 2012, Klippan Lady Open Champion (Sweden)
• 2012, U.S. Olympic Team Trials, 2nd place
• 2012, New York AC International, 2nd place
• 2011, U.S. National Champion
• 2011, U.S. Open Champion
• 2011, New York AC International Open Champion
• 2011, Non-Olympic Weights World Team Trials Champion
• 2011, Dave Schultz Memorial International Champion
• 2011, Mongolian Nationals Champion (Mongolia)
• 2011, Dan Kolov International Champion (Bulgaria)
• 2011, Junior World, 2nd place
• 2011, U.S. World Team Trials, 2nd place
• 2011, World Championships, 3rd place
• 2011, Alexander Medved International (Belarus), 5th place
• 2010, Klippan Lady Open Champion (Sweden)
• 2010, Dave Schultz Memorial International Champion
• 2009, U.S. World Team Trials Champion
• 2009, U.S. National Champion
• 2009, New York AC International Open Champion
• 2009, Sunkist Kids International Open Champion
• 2009, FILA Junior Nationals Champion
• 2009, Dave Schultz Memorial International Champion
• 2009, World Championships, 5th place
• 2008, Junior World Champion
• 2008, Junior Nationals Champion
• 2008, U.S. World Team Trials, 2nd place
• 2008, FILA Junior World Team Trials Champion
• 2007, Junior National Champion
• 2007, FILA Cadet Nationals Champion
• 2007, Canada Junior Cup, 2nd place
• 2007, FILA Cadet Nationals, 2nd place
• 2006, Junior Nationals, 3rd place
• Six-time U.S. World Team Member (2009, 2011-15)

• 2016 espnW: Women + Sports Chicago “Road to Rio: The Olympic Experience” panelist
• 2016, AAU James E. Sullivan Award Semifinalist
• 2015, USA Wrestling Women’s Wrestler of the Year
• 2015, Finalist for USOC Female Olympic Athlete of the Year
• 2014, USA Wrestling Women’s Wrestler of the Year
• 2008, ASICS High School Wrestler of the Year
• Adeline is actively involved in the community and has been a part of volunteer programs like the Girl Scout Sports Extravaganza, Beat the Streets Los Angeles, Teens for Promise, Ronald McDonald House, Habitat for Humanity and more.
• Adeline is the first wrestler (male or female) to win a Junior World Championship (2008), a University World Championship (2012) and a Senior World Championship (2012, 2014, 2015).

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